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Criminal Law

The UAE is considered as one of the safest countries across the world. Nevertheless, in general there are many criminal cases. The main individual crimes comprise theft, forced robbery, domestic burglary, fraud and breach of trust as well as sexual assault and abuse.

On the other hand, the UAE witnesses a growing number of companies that conduct a huge number of financial, banking and commercial transactions. In the commercial and corporate sector, the crimes include fraud, forgery of documents, bounced checks, and breach of trust, etc.

Our lawyers enjoy more than 21 years of legal experience in criminal matters of various complexity. For successful completion of a criminal case, our legal experts do thoroughly study the facts of the case for sound identification of evidence. Depending on the surrounding circumstances, our conversant lawyers appoint a competent expert for an opinion on the matter. We initiate the criminal action and provide the relevant services including:

  • Legal Advice on the criminal matter;
  • Attending the procedures before the Police station and Public Prosecution;
  • Appearance and pleading before the misdemeanor Court of First Instance;
  • Pleading before the Court of Appeal, Dubai Court of Cassation and the Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi;
  • Represent our clients through options including temporary release applications;
  • File a police complain, Report to the public prosecution and Filing the Civil Claims for compensation against damage incurred wherever applicable.