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Debt Recovery

In the UAE, financial obligations of a debtor may take various forms based on the nature of a particular relationship. Such relationship includes, without limitation, any money borrowed by a debtor from a UAE financial institution through credit products (credit cards or loans), cheques, rent payments, and security cheques. Some of these debts may accrue under an express contract or implied financial obligation.

Failure to settle any of the aforementioned forms of debt in the UAE cause the defaulter to be liable under both of the criminal and civil laws.

Our Partners specializes in all areas of collection particularly the process of recovery of funds through dispute resolution, mediation, negotiation and settlement as well as criminal and civil litigation. We can represent the client, whether a debtor or creditor, and resolve the debt collection issues through our following services:

  • Legal advice;
  • Serve legal notices against the debtor and collect the necessary information on his activities and Drafting settlement agreements;
  • Reaching a settlement between the parties;
  • File police compliant against the debtor;
  • Criminal and Civil Court litigation;
  • Execution of Court judgments.