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Family law & inheritance

The UAE Sharia-based Personal Status Law covers marriage, divorce and succession. Also, it governs child custody, guardianship and maintenance of children. The courts’ interpretation of the family law provisions is based on Sharia, which constitutes the UAE primary legal justification on matters involving family law. UAE family law applies to foreigners, unless they choose application of their national law.

Our family lawyers are qualified to provide advice on all family legal matters relating to marriage, divorce, separation, financial allocation, property disputes, alimony, guardianship and child custody in regards to the local laws or foreign family law. We have years of experience on effective approach to amicable settlement through mediation process to resolve the family legal disputes out of Courts. Our legal services include:

  • Legal advising and out – of – Court- settlements;
  • Drafting Prenuptial agreements;
  • Divorce and separation cases;
  • Child custody and guardianship;
  • Financial allocation;
  • Inheritance and distribution of the heritage.