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Labor law & emigration

Main elements of the labor relations in the UAE are regulated under the provisions of the Federal Labor Law. It is a joint legislative project of the UAE National Immigration Service and the Ministry of Human Recourses and Emiratization.

The said provisions cover all aspects of employer-employee relationships, including employment contracts, restrictions on employment of juveniles and women, maintenance of records and files, leave rules, working hours, medical and social care, safety of employees, disciplinary regulations, termination of employment contracts, end-of-service benefits, compensation for occupational diseases, penalties and employment related accidents, labor inspections, injuries and death.

Immigration process comprises an important component of legal security and stay in the UAE as a tourist, business visitor, employee or an investor or residence.

Our expertise includes support with regard to Labor and Immigration Laws that regulate the relations between employer and workers. Our employment practice includes advising and assisting clients with drafting limited and unlimited labor contracts, non-competition and non-disclosure contracts, advising on employee’s rights in respect of unfair and arbitrary dismissal cases before all UAE Courts and Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. Our practice in this field includes:

  • Legal advice on Labor issues;
  • Employment contracts drafting;
  • Handling employment procedures to prevent disputes;
  • Visa issues, immigration procedures and crimes related to emigration and residency.
  • Courts litigation;