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Medical Negligence

Medical Liability Law is regulated by the provisions of UAE Civil Law and Criminal Procedure Code that apply according to facts of the case. Medical malpractice and hospital negligence may be considered as “acts causing physical harm and for which the injured deserves an appropriate compensation for the physical and moral injures”.

Medical errors are defined as mistakes that occur owing to negligence on the part of the doctor. It may also be attributable to lack of attention towards patients or even lack of professional knowledge.

Victims of malpractice or medical negligence may initiate legal actions against the physician or the hospital. Our professional lawyers are capable of providing sound legal advice that assists those victims to protect themselves against malpractice. Our relevant services cover:

  • Lodging a Complaint before the local health-care authority;
  • Initiate civil proceedings before the competent court;
  • Appoint a Medical Expert to prepare an independent report;
  • File a Civil case claiming corporeal and incorporeal compensation payable to the Claimant;
  • Lodge a criminal case before the public prosecutor against the doctor or the health-care provider.