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Trademark & Copyright registration

Trademarks are logos, or short slogans that help distinguish a ‘commodity’ or ‘service’ from other commodities and services in a geographic area. The UAE Federal Law on Trademarks provides protection for registered trademarks. The law purports to safeguard the interests of businesses and consumers as well.

Copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted to the author or creator of an original work including the right of copying, distribution and adaptation. In the UAE, copyright is protected under the Federal Law on Copyright and Authorship Protection. Protection is granted to authors of literary, artistic and scientific works of whatever value, kind, purpose or way of expression.

Patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by the country to inventors or their assignee for a limited period in consideration of public disclosure of an invention. In the UAE, patents are granted when the application meets the criteria of Novelty, Inventive Concept (non-obviousness) and Industrial Applicability.

Triple A Advocates provides comprehensive intellectual property protection in the UAE and abroad. Our scope of property services covers defending and advising on safeguarding a new idea and securing the relevant intellectual property rights. Our extensive intellectual property knowledge makes us in a position to assist our clients to protect their creative new ideas and technologies, biotechnologies and any other innovations. Such assistance includes:

  • Legal Advice;
  • Trademarks registration;
  • Copyright registration and protection;
  • IP litigation and canceling trademarks;
  • Patent registration;
  • Counterfeit prevention.